Welcome, and thank you for visiting me here! I’m Laura, a lifestyle natural light photographer based in Frederick, Maryland. Photography is my passion. It is my art and my creative outlet and the thing that makes me feel the warm fuzzies in my soul. Deep, I know ;) 

Photography kind of came into my life unexpectedly. I have very much been drawn to art since I was a child. Painting, drawing, music, writing, crafting, graphic design - I appreciated and loved it all but could never quite find *my* thing. I just knew I loved art; the colors, the expression, the emotions, the creative force, the joy of looking at a finished project and saying I created this. After the birth of my first son I got my first DSLR camera to capture my memories of that fleeting time. Yep, I was a mom with a camera and darn proud of it. But I very quickly discovered how much I absolutely loved photography and it changed my path. All those feelings I've always had about art came back to me through my lens. My love of art was reignited and my medium of choice was finally clear. And the rest is history.

I'm a lifestyle photographer who embraces real life, honest and pure imagery. Together with my dear friend {my camera}, I love capturing life, connections, light, love, emotion, authenticity, real, pure, genuine moments as well as the small but enormously significant details that make up the big story of life. I truly feel that photography is more about what you feel than what you see. I aim to capture real life, real connection, real emotion. I adore a portrait of a pensive childs deep stare as much as one with a big joyful grin because it is real. I embrace imperfection; true life is not Pinterest-perfect. I am not just after that perfect shot with everyone stiffly looking at the camera and smiling their best cheeeeeeeese smiles. I am after the real story.

In addition to being a lover of the camera, I'm also a mother of 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, which make life both chaotic, messy, loud and beautiful, and a wife of a pretty amazing husband - all of whom are my life and love. 

I hope to hear from you soon!