What To Expect from your Fresh 48 Session


Thank you so much for allowing me the priveledge to photograph such an amazing time. This is likely one of the most exciting, tiring, sweetest, and overall memorable times of your life. My goal is to capture this precious time in its truest form. I photograph you and your baby just as you are - snuggling, swaddling, diaper changes, hospital bracelets, new baby toes, and all the spontaneous moments that happen along the way.

What to expect during your Fresh 48 Session: 

Having a baby is exhausting, exhilarating, and often becomes a hazy memory as you navigate motherhood with this new little person. Fresh 48 sessions aim to capture the emotions you feel during this amazing and impactful moment in your life, so the sessions are documentary in nature. No props or poses, just you and your brand new baby. When I arrive, I open up all the blinds and tidy up a few items that may be out of place. I usually begin with photos of the baby on their own in the bassinet and then head into parent and family photos, finishing with more photos of baby alone. Throughout the session I will be guiding you with simple prompts and will do my best to capture all images within an hour, ensuring that the session is as easy and stress-free as possible. Don’t worry if baby gets fussy and needs to eat. I will happily capture nursing images, or take this time to document hospital room details. 

When should I contact you to come?

Most clients have a list of friends and family they want to contact when the big day arrives; add my name to the list! Once you head to the hospital in labor, have your support person contact me (text, email, phone are all great) and then contact me again once the baby is born. Most sessions take place the morning after baby is born and all sessions must take place during daylight hours. The session will take place when you’re settled and ready, during daylight hours. Optimum lighting is typically in the morning hours, around 10 a.m., so that's what I'm aiming for :) 

My phone number is 240-385-7298, and my email address is laura@lauraboggsphotography.com.

How long will it take?

I know just how exhausted you are, so I will do my best to keep these sessions as quick and easy as possible. I will likely have more than I need within an hour or less. I will go with the flow as nurses come in and out, baby needs to eat, surprise visitors show up to meet your little one, etc.

What should I wear?

First and foremost, I recommend wearing something comfortable! Most moms choose a robe, yoga pants, and nursing tank top. Pink Blush has some gorgeous floral robes which photography beautifully. For dads, a t-shirt and jeans is great. I suggest a neutral, solid color shirt and to avoid busy patterns, bright colors, and words/logos that may distract from your new baby. Keep things simple and comfortable.  

Baby only needs to wear the hospital shirt, diaper, and hospital swaddle. I like to keep baby in these items as it best documents their life in the first two days. If you have a special swaddle or hat you would like to incorporate, I will happily include some images at the end of the session. 

Do I need to do anything special?

This is your time to rest and love on your new little bundle, and that’s all I want you to do. I may move things around in order to minimize clutter in your images or to achieve the best possible lighting, but I promise to put everything back where it was before I leave :) 

Please do notify the nursing staff that you will be doing your photoshoot to possibly keep interruptions to a minimum. Also, give baby one last feeding before I arrive so they are nice and sleepy. Turn up the heat (or lower the A/C) so baby is comfortable during unswaddled photos.

Is there anything special I should pack in my hospital bag for the session?

As far as clothes for baby, babies look great in just a diaper or a white onesie, or even the little white hospital shirts. Pack an extra shirt for dad just in case (grey, white, black or neutrals look best) and if you’d like basic makeup such as mascara. You most certainly don’t need to wear makeup for the session but some moms like to freshen up a little. Also feel free to bring any special blankets you'd like baby photographed on. 

After the session: 

- Within 8 hours - sneak peek of 3-5 images posted on facebook and/or instagram

- Within 7 days - gallery delivery via email of 35+ retouched images ready to share and download  

I want you to look back at these images and feel the weight of your new baby snuggled on your chest, feel the softness of their sweet fluffy hair, and feel the love for your partner as you watch them sway your baby to sleep for the first time. These are the moments I want you to remember. Thank you for trusting me to capture these precious and fleeting moments for your growing family. Please keep in touch in the days and weeks leading up to your due date with any updates. I very much look forward to meeting you and your family!