What to Expect from your Lifestyle Newborn session


Hello again! And thank you again for allowing me the privilege of photographing such a special time in your family’s lives! I adore this genre of photography so much. It is family-centered, with a heavy focus on love and joy. Whether this baby is your first, or the newest addition, authenticity and love shine here. The newborn days are such a fleeting and beautiful time, a flurry of diapers and sleepless nights that we will cherish forever.   

I wanted to provide a bit more information about how the session will go and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Day of the Session: I usually arrive with my camera in hand (and possibly a very large), kick my shoes off and ask for a tour of your home.  Here we will chat, go over the details we have discussed and I'll fawn over your sweet new baby, get familiar with your space and the light.  At every newborn session I follow the baby's lead, or if there is a toddler running around, they are boss for the day.  I have a loose order in which I shoot, but I keep that completely flexible depending on feed times, cuddle breaks and toddlers being toddlers.  I give direction and guidance to a point, such as positioning you in the best light, asking you to look at each other, look at your baby etc but mostly I am just creating a space and opportunities for connections to happen naturally. We usually start in the master bedroom, move to the nursery/kids bedrooms and then to the main living area.  If you would like photos in your yard, we will do those after the indoor part.

Preparing Your Home: I have 4 kids and know what it’s like to have a newborn – please don’t feel like you have to deep clean your house to perfection before I arrive! I am a big fan of shoving the clutter in a closet to give the appearance of a clutter-free house! I recommend making the beds, clearing the nightstands, and putting any clutter (i.e. laundry baskets) either in the closet or a bathroom for the duration of the session. If I see something that may be distracting in your images, I will let you know and we can move it temporarily to another room or use the closet method :) 

Your Baby: Sessions take approximately 1 to 2 hours and are completely baby-led, meaning baby is the boss. I don’t try and make babies sleep or place them in poses, and I have no expectations on how baby should behave (alert or asleep, content or fussy - babies will be babies!). Your newborn is absolutely perfect just the way he or she is and my aim is to capture real life! I recommend feeding the baby as much as he or she wants about 15 minutes prior to my arrival. If we have to stop for additional feedings, that is completely fine. I'm happy to take nursing photos if you would like, or photograph nursery details during this time. 

Siblings: Again, I know exactly what it is like to have a new baby, and I know exactly how big this change is for the siblings in the house. Sometimes they are really into this new human in their home, and sometimes they want absolutely nothing to do with them. Either is fine, and I will never force them into doing anything they aren't comfortable with. 

Mom & Dad: You are going to be both deliriously happy and completely and utterly exhausted or somewhere in between :) It is a feeling I remember so well! Having a new baby is hard and wonderful all at the same time. Please remember that my job is not to make this time in your life look Pinterest perfect, my job is to preserve your imperfectly beautiful story for you. I want you to be relaxed and at ease. You don’t need to be anything but yourself, and you don't need to do anything but love on your family!

Wardrobe: As far as wardrobe is concerned, I want you to be comfortable. I recommend mom pick something first. I encourage something light, comfortable and casual. Neutrals photograph beautifully, but I don’t discourage bold colors at all (although I would steer clear of anything neon). I also recommend pairing simple basics with textured overlays, such as a slouchy open sweater, then coordinate the rest of the family from there. Texture adds such a beautiful element to a photograph! Avoid being too matchy-matchy (i.e. all white shirts and jeans), as well as shirts with graphics and lettering on them. What is most important is that you are comfortable and that you are true to your own style!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Also, so I can get a rough idea of lighting, please send me a few images at laura@lauraboggsphotography.com of the baby’s nursery, living room, master bedroom or any rooms you would like to shoot in. They can be quick phone snaps, nothing fancy required! When your baby is born, just shoot me an email and we will establish an exact date to do the shoot. Thank you again and I very much look very forward to meeting you and your family!