My Style

My style of photography is connected, emotive, unscripted storytelling. I'm a lifestyle/documentary photographer who embraces real life, honest and pure imagery. I love capturing life, connections, light, love, emotion, authenticity, real, pure, genuine moments as well as the small but enormously significant details that make up the big story of life. Above all else, when you look at your images, I want you to really feel something; I truly believe that photography is more about what you feel than what you see. 

Bringing a new baby into the world is one of the most amazing, emotional and raw times in our lives, and how quickly it becomes a blur! When you look back at your photos years down the road, I don't want you to just remember what your baby and family looked like, I want you to remember what this time in your life FELT like. I want you to remember how your new baby fit so perfectly in your arms. I want you to remember the way she smelled, the way his face crinkled up as he stretched, how tiny and wrinkly their little toes were, the immense love you felt for your growing family, the nursery you lovingly worked so hard on while you dreamt about meeting your new little love, your home, the details, even how utterly exhausted you felt (I promise you’ll laugh about it someday!) Even the giant unopened pile of mail sitting on your counter and Mount Laundry in the corner of your bedroom tells an awesome story about this time in your life! I am constantly shooting because I see moments and stories everywhere. Some might say I overshoot, but I'm okay with that!  

I aim to keep my sessions laid-back, simple, natural and fun. I capture life as it is. I will very rarely ask you to look and smile at the camera. I don’t force anything and I'm not at all after perfection. That's the beauty of a lifestyle session - you don't need to be anything but you, anywhere but home! Your home doesn't need to be Pinterest-perfection. Life is NOT Pinterest-perfect, nor would I want it to be! It is messy, loud, chaotic and wonderful all at the same time. Some days my socks are two completely different colors and I have to re-heat my coffee in the microwave 5 times. But that’s ok! I embrace and love REAL LIFE. No props, no bean bags, no babies in baskets, no newborn posing. Life is beautiful just the way it is, and my goal is to capture your authentic story.